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Accentuate the positive

I am reminded today that it is not the done thing to address the negatives when we should accentuate the positives. I am further reminded that I don’t buy into this way of thinking. I manage a dysfunctional team. Some of us want to remedy this. Do we do it by focussing on what we do well? Or by focussing on areas where we are going wrong? I say the latter.

If I’m working as a member of a dysfunctional team, the last thing I need is to hear how great we all are. As fans of Manchester United should sing, We’re shit and we know we are! Give us suggestions for how we can improve. Don’t leave it to us to have to listen to what we regard as false platitudes  – cosy little snuggles that might blind us to our faults- and then leave us gagging to hear what isn’t so good. Don’t make us have to guess what we’re doing so wrongly!

 Help us see where we are going wrong and offer up some potential suggestions that we can mull over. Then we either deny that we are going wrong in these areas (reinforcing our sense of self-esteem) or we accept that they are indeed our weaknesses and start to address them (reinforcing our self-esteem).



08 Feb 2012 - Posted by | Rants and ramblings

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