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It’s not me, it’s you

It’s been a tough week when deciding what to blog about. Steve Brown posted an interesting question about whether or not we are too nice for our students. @pterolaur retweeted a great article from my distant cousin The Secret Teacher, yearning for the days of more professional autonomy. I’m going to merge it all together and ask the question: am I too nice to my teachers? Are there limits to professional autonomy?

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Get Well Soon. That’s an order.

Sickness has struck at work and we are looking around for cover. At times it is very hard to suppress the cynical mutterings of the misanthrope that lurks within. Each year, it seems as if some of the most robust-looking individuals fall prey to whatever virus may be doing the rounds. Fortunately, within 24 hours they are usually back at work and looking as right as rain with nary a sniff or a cough that lingers on. It gets to the point that I read about the year’s new potentially fatal epidemic and start to think about how much cover I am going to have to try and find over the next few days.

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Weird Science

I am not blind to the irony that my interest in the scientific method began shortly after the certificate for my postgraduate qualification arrived in the post. Indeed, it rather calls into question the expertise of those who kindly bestowed the award upon me. It also makes me wish that I had thrown myself rather more vigorously into my new hobby of researcher. For truly, Trudy, the scientific method is most alluring.

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