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The Little Emperor Strikes Back

Love the players, hate the game

Things are relatively quiet at work and nobody is being particularly obnoxious (I include myself there). It feels unsettling to have no big issues bubbling away in the background. But it means that I have had time to think. One of the questions that I have turned my mind to, at the prompting of my ever-sharp ADOS, is how the hell do we get people interested in professional development?

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The bleatings of a middle manager

The past week has seen absenteeism due to depression, panic attacks, holiday, viruses and simply forgetting. A colleague states that he can’t work certain days and hours of his contract because he has other things to do. Well, I reason, should you have signed the bloody contract wherein you committed yourself to working those hours? The HR advisor meets with me and leave me more confused than before we sat down together. Apparently, I need to understand that my colleague needs to leave work early so that he can get across town to his other job, a DJ. I ask if I too can leave work early to get to my other job, a parent. Apparently not.

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(Don’t) Meet me in St Louis

This one has been a struggle. I had decided to write about time management strategies, but two hours in to writing, I had bored myself with the whole malarkey. Surely everyone just finds their own way, thunk I. Look – if you think it might be interesting to read about how I whipped Chaos’s ass into shape and ripped Procrastination a new one, by all means ask. But reflect on the fact that this blog post is almost a week later than I’d planned…

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