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The Little Emperor Strikes Back


Forgive the break. I am busy reading, busier thinking and at a bit of a crossroads. I appreciate the people who have made the blog what it is and have been feeling bd about just abandoning everyone! I intend to return, but for now am off exploring. 

In the meantime, here are some questions that I think are worth thinking about:

1. Is there any more to language learning than memorisation, regurgitation and evaluation?

2. Can social science tell us anything about how to do our jobs better?

3. Is teaching primarily about psychological manipulation?

4. Does studying a language ever have to be fun?

5. Aside from fooling the students into thinking that they are above some others in a hierarchy, is there anything purposeful to be gained from putting students into levels?

6. Can language teachers ever really teach anything other than writing and lexis?

7. Might the old “traditional” ways have been the best ways?

8. Are fashions in teaching influenced primarily and overwhelmingly by ideological stances?

9. Does second language acquisition exist as anything other than an academic concept?

10. Should we be rewriting everything that we thought we knew about the field of language teaching and learning?

11. In a world of self-publishing, why have no decent coursebooks been written?

12. Might the communicative approach be precisely the feature of teaching that is largely responsible for holding learning back?

13. Why is ELT marginalised from the world of conventional foreign language teaching?

A baker’s dozen: I will leave them to prove.

May your summers be long, warm, restful and invigorating. 



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