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The Little Emperor Strikes Back

More lessons from the pulpit

This last week has been an ongoing journey towards Management Nirvana. Management Buddhists would presumably say that the point of management is suffering, but we would do well to remember that to suffer used to mean to tolerate. Who do managers tolerate? In my case, had you asked me a few weeks ago, I might have rolled my eyes and raised my eyebrows. These days I suspect that the person I most need to tolerate is myself. After all, I’m everywhere I bloody go. But for this last week at least, I have greatly enjoyed my own company and I seem to have taught myself a few handy things. Like what? Well…

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5 life lessons

Oh, brother! Am I learning a lot recently! To the point of having to hold back from the urge to engage in a bit of Stalinist revisionism and wiping this blog. I have been managing…sorry…I have been a manager…for about five years and yet it seems as if things only began falling into place over the last five days or so! This is a short post outlining some damascene moments for me. Each of these things is likely to provoke a “DUH! Well…YEAH!!!” sigh from both of you, my loyal readers. But it’s taken me until now to realise what they really mean: Continue reading

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Timing is everything

Absenteeism. Tardiness. Poor quality work. Just some of the challenges that greet our team members every day. How do you solve a problem like Maria? Not by cutting up the curtains and staging a puppet show. No. I think Herr von Trapp may have been closer to the truth than the failed nun.

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EAP is pants

The day thou gavest, Lord, hath ended

The darkness falls at thy behest…

Summer seems a lifetime away, but the break was good and my brain has settled. I apologise if anyone happened across this blog and wondered if I was ever going to take it up again. Truth is, I wondered the same thing. In my break, I read a lot: Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury…in short, not the standard ELT reading. But with the restart of lessons, the old questions come back to haunt me. And I come back to haunt you. Let’s start with EAP: any different from ELT? Continue reading

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