The Secret DOS

The Little Emperor Strikes Back

Offensive defensiveness

People, eh? With our foibles and our peculiarities, how did we ever get to be anywhere near the top of the food chain? Should we be anywhere near the top of the food chain? Sometimes I wonder if we would have been better abandoning the gunpowder and the sharpening of flints and leaving ourselves open to the whimsies of natural selection. It is probably an indisputable fact that the planet would certainly have benefited from somebody saying, “A tool that enables us to vanquish stronger beings from distance? Meh!” Nevertheless, the path of human progress is now well-established and as we tread resolutely towards mutual destruction and desolation, we endeavour to do each other’s head in. It’s like being driven to the scaffold in a tumbril and insisting upon arguing with your co-condemned about who gets to use the armrest.

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It’s about time

It’s that time of year when  turn to my computer and look at it resignedly. “Come on, Old Thing, let’s do it.” And with a heavy heart I open up a virgin spreadsheet and start doing the sodding timetable. A thankless task in my experience and one that will cause no end of gripes from teachers and students alike. And just when the gripes have died down, something will happen that causes me to change the whole thing and off we go again. If Hades is an English language teaching institution, I know what Sisyphus will be up to.

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