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There is a spectre haunting Blogdonia – the spectre of eleven. Blogovians from the world of ELT (it stands for English Language Teaching) are answering eleven questions and then nominating eleven other people to do the same. I have been tagged by the best – @laurasoracco whose blog is a regular read and @joshsround whose blog is a more constructive reflection of life at the top of the bottom than this one is. Laura asks eleven questions which I will try to anonymously answer next:

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Give me strength!

I’ve been away from my Secret Blogging keyboard recently, reading, reading and reading. There are some great books out there. And I’ve been reading a disproportionate amount of books written or co-written by one Marcus Buckingham. If you are struggling as a manager -of teachers, of students, of time or whatever- then you could do a lot worse to suspend all your cynicism in a stocking over the chimney and give Mr B. a whirl. Like a lot of good books, Buckingham’s work helps to reframe the way that we look at things. Whenever this happens, I find myself aghast at how much I had swallowed of the previous frame: not just hook, line and sinker, but rod, reel and arm as well.

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