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The Little Emperor Strikes Back


I have spent this term trying to establish an approach to language learning that will allow students to feel that they have some control over their progress. Learning a language, it seems to me, is easiest when you know Sweet Fanny Adams. At this point in your career, everything is new and not a day goes by (should go by) when you don’t learn something that you didn’t know before. By the time you get past these halcyon days, it all becomes a bit of a drudge and you begin to lose interest. Or worse, you come to my office and moan about how you’re not learning anything and placing the blame for your ineffectiveness on your poor, long-suffering teacher. When I was learning my L2, I had one of the worst language teachers I have ever met. She would begin to go through the class with the question, How are you? starting in the top left hand corner and working her way methodically to the bottom right hand corner. Did I feel that she hampered my learning? No. How could she? It was my learning…it just meant that I didn’t learn much from her teaching…which is not the same as saying that I didn’t learn much from her…

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Teaching – WTF?

Yikes! How I struggle with teaching English these days. I have no more clue how to teach listening than I do how to teach reading. I have next to no idea how to teach speaking and writing is the only rock upon which I believe I can build my church. Well, that’s not strictly true. I do believe that I know how to teach. It’s just that I don’t know how to teach English. Mmm. Perhaps a public forum like the internet is not the most appropriate place for such confessions. Let’s just say that today I am writing on behalf of a friend…

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Prevention is better than cure

We are soon to have a training day. They are rarer than a word of wisdom in a textbook; more precious than a horde of IWB software; more costly than an audio CD component which is essential in order to do a listening in a student’s coursebook. And yet those who rule have in their wisdom decreed that part of the day is to be taken up listening to somebody from Prevent detailing to us how we can spot students being radicalised and thus safeguard them.

Safeguard is a nice verb, isn’t it? Radicalised is a nasty old adjective, isn’t it? What a wonderful world we live in where teachers try their utmost to safeguard their charges from insidious radicalisation! Thank the lord for those politicians who had the foresight to set up the organisation Prevent. David Cameron, I am talking to you, you lovable rogue.

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