The Secret DOS

The Little Emperor Strikes Back

What’s the point?

In the recent training event, there was a role-play where one person was the “awkward” teacher and the other was the manager, giving feedback after an observation. In our group, I was the manager and my colleague was a teacher who just didn’t see the point in it all. Isn’t the main thing that my students are all happy, she asked. Isn’t the rest of it all just bureaucracy? The question we should never lose sight of is, indeed, What’s the point of it all? Anyone who tells you that they know the answer is either wrong or lying back on their deathbed, about to croak.

What is the point of it all? There’s too much life in the Secret DoS for me to be able to give you the answer. But I’ll tell you one thing now (for free): whatever you think is the point of it all most definitely is not the point of it all. Damn! I appear to have written myself into a corner. Humour me if I write on by considering a few of the more commonplace views.

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