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You’re shit, and you know you are!

For those who are beginning to worry about just what sort of ship I run, the title is a football chant, not how I go about giving feedback to teachers. And this is what I thought I’d write about today – how to give feedback…more specifically, how to give negative feedback…constructive feedback.

Following the last post about observations, there was an interesting exchange of opinions both here and on Twitter. The comments here seem to be centred around whether or not observations serve any real purpose (and the evidence seems to suggest that they don’t serve very much). The debate on Twitter was more about my apparent hardline stance on not sugar-coating the pill.

In no small measure down to my own shortcomings as a writer, I had left people aghast. They thought I was “angry” and “need[ed] to chill.” If I was like this, I was warned, I “would end up getting hated [by teachers]”. I was advocating a position where “feelings come second.” I should be careful not to become the worst kind of back seat driver…reminding me of my grandmother who used to sit behind me and helpfully point in the direction I needed to be going…

Let us move on…

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