The Secret DOS

The Little Emperor Strikes Back

The challenge of teaching is to make the financially viable pedagogical.

1. Don’t waste time yearning for the pedagogical; organisations will always prioritise the financially viable. The challenge of teaching is to make the financially viable pedagogical.

Lots of people see a tension in the interplay of pedagogy with profit.

Not me.

The question facing managers isn’t how to make pedagogical initiatives financially alluring; it’s how to make financially alluring initiatives pedagogical.

The money monsters are in control of the ship. We can lament this and demand that things change, but then we might find ourselves out of work. We will almost certainly find ourselves to be unhappy.

Instead, we have to make the best of whatever the money monsters come up with. If we can do that well, we won’t need to read the warblings of a conceited middle manager because we will have cracked it. We are also likely to say ourselves a lot of angst along the way.

Currently, where I work, the money monsters have issued orders to create a mighty project that will sink our competitors and secure our dominance of the planet. Unfortunately, they are not overly concerned with investing in it. They’ve just stuck together everything they have heard of that they think is Good. It’s like going to a restaurant only to find that it’s one of those places which has a buffet that presents poor imitations of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, American, Mexican food alongside cheap white containers of brightly coloured ice creams.

The challenge facing this particular DoS is how to make some sort of pedagogical paella out of the stuff on the menu. Thank the Lord in Heaven above that I now have a team of mighty marvels. I have complete faith in their ability to distinguish shit from shinola and will watch from the sidelines as their pragmatism illustrates that despite what Einstein may have said, you can polish a turd.


21 Jul 2017 - Posted by | The Secret DoS's Little Red Book

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